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  • Instagram selfies to Facebook groupies the social media has now become a part of our life just like bread and butter. Nobody is out of this wider social trending atmosphere where tweeting leads to retweets and posts are bore stiffing until somebody likes it and garnishes it by commenting also. Today the discussion topics can be anything, it can be a controversy, an event or a tragic incident etc. People now show concerns through social platforms. Celebrities and common people all are tapping this tool as a weapon and also as an archive of emotions to be strewed among huge masses for social credibility and digital presence. The biggest fact lies under this that all the accumulated young mass is connected in social media websites and this makes the reachability to them possible and relaxed. They share all the social problems like economic instability, poverty, lack of education and poor governance etc. When they can spread out loud their problems then this platform can also be used to solve their issues too at the same time.



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