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Plan it
  • Well we all experience that the last minute actions are tend to turn out wrong because we act upon it in a haste but not with proper preparations. Same goes when it comes to choosing for our higher education after our intermediate exams. We do remember that in our childhood we always say that I’ll be a pilot or an engineer and even a doctor but what happens at the later years when we start getting confused with what should be opted and what not? The real problematic thing is our mind. Our potential doesn’t equalizes with our skills and sometimes our skills doesn’t matches our privileges. Hence it is better to start planning what’s best for you and in which particular field you can perform the best. This not only gives you confidence but stimulates you to be more enthusiastic and perform effortlessly. Today all professionals say that the best way to work is to enjoy the work you are doing. Yeah this is what we need to do, in education learn what you love and when you are in a job love what you do.
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