Futuristic planning

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futuristic planning
  • Today in India almost 60% or more are youngsters. Well our honorable Prime Minister calls it a positive sign but the question is will this crowd of youngsters can deliver the growth when opportunities are so scarce. India needs mobility when it comes to education and this tool is still out from the reach of many. Not because the faculties are less but due to lack of proper information dissemination and the unguided minds of youth. A proper dimension can make their career bloom and we must plan to bring all those factors under one roof. How can we do it? The answer is loud and clear just by associating the youth from social media and also the ones who have just stepped into the future constructing age so that an early bird can find the food quickly than others. A better start to the nation’s future can only be made when the young minds stands stronger like pillars to the edifice.



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